Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Why have a social media strategy?

To increase brand awareness, build relationships and share your services and products with your audience.

Social Media Marketing through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc is increasing and providing an opportunity to target potential and existing audiences.  The social media platforms offer the chance to interact directly with users who are interested in your subject matter, this highly segmented approach allows for optimised targeted campaigns.
Social media is now a recognised touch point for potential customers, customers use social media to browse products and offers and reassure themselves as to the suitability of their purchase. Specific sectors such as hospitality, food and drink, fashion and beauty see high levels of social media engagement and should be an intrinsic part of any online strategy.
Social media should now be part of any online marketing campaign.
81% of small to medium sized businesses use social media.
Our Social Media Auditing
Initially social media accounts can be reasonably easy to set up, but to achieve long term effectiveness can be hard for many businesses.  Our social media campaign team implement successful campaigns for clients across a number of different industry types.
 As an insights driven agency we believe analysis and auditing is essential to the early stages of this planning.  Using this insight we will make recommendations and create a comprehensive campaign tailored to your business goals.
Our Audit Process
→  Carefully review any existing social media activity, if you are just starting to build an audience or are struggling to engage with one you have built we can help you focus on the right demographics and platforms so you are reaching the right people who are likely to add value to your business.
→  Is the current activity which you are conducting in line with your business objectives or can it be refined/improved.  We can help you to bring your activity together so that it is all focused on certain defined goals.
→  Examination of content you are presently publishing across social channels.
→  Analysis of the audience you are targeting and attracting, are you engaging this audience satisfactorily.
→  Auditing of any paid social media campaigns, engagement levels, format of adverts, return on investment etc.
→  Data tracking through analytics data, has tracking been set up and if so set up correctly.  Is this data feeding into the shaping of campaigns and their refinement.
Our audits are as detailed as possible and we produce them across multiple channels to create objective driven campaigns for our clients.  If you would like to know more please get in touch.
Advertising on Social Media Networks Facebook, Twitter, etc
Social Media Advertising
Our Social Media Strategies
We make a focused strategy the core of all our social media campaigns.  A social media strategy can quickly become hard to manage and gain a return on investment through if not properly planned or managed with clear objectives from the outset.
At Dennor Digital our experienced and talented social media team are ready to audit, research and implement effective bespoke social media strategies across a myriad of business types and over different social platforms.
Our Strategy Can Include :
→  Creating Content
→  Paid social media advertising
→  Reputation management
→  Measurement and KPIs
→  Crisis management
→  Customer Service
With many businesses struggling to get a return on investment with social media, our strategy planning provides a clear road map of activity to keep your campaigns on track and geared towards your business and its overall objectives.
Content Is King
At the heart of all  of our campaigns is the content shared, simply the rule is quality over quantity.  Properly researched material will be far better received and much more engaging and it is from this base that a great standout social media presence is built.  We can help you understand what your audience wants and help you to drive effective content focusing on your business objectives.
Social Media Advertising
Last year saw social media ad spend outstrip that of Television for the first time, over 2 million businesses alone advertise on facebook and nearly 75% of their users follow a brand on the platform.  Put simply social media presents a huge opportunity for business.
Our team of social media experts currently work on paid campaigns across a range of different platforms :
→  Facebook
→  Pinterest
→  Instagram
→  Linkedin
→  Twitter
The approach we take is simple...
Strategy we identify your business goals and objectives and make sure that is focused to the right audience.
Campaign Management & Optimisation  we provide planning, campaign creation, management and optimisation ensuring that goals are being met and it is providing you with a satisfactory return on investment.
Social Media Platform Advertising
SMM Strategy Creation
Whatever your needs whether it be social media management or a paid advertising strategy, our experienced social media team are here to help.  We currently run very effective campaigns across all of the popular channels.
For more information about how our social media team can help your business please contact us now.
Social Media Marketing and the services we offer.
It may be that you already have an in-house marketing team that just need a little guidance, or maybe you’re looking to create a social presence for your brand.
We can support you in ongoing activity, providing support and advice to drive higher performance that aligns with your marketing strategy.
Whether you need to build a business case for further investment in social, develop an effective roadmap to reach your objectives or better understand where you should focus your social media activity, our experienced consultants are on hand to help you maximise your social media spend.

No better time to start than today...

Social Media should be a part of any business' digital strategy. Even if you are not ready to start today, it is essential that you have your social media channels set up. With every day that passes, you could be losing potential followers who are interested in your services.


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