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What Do Our Free Pay Per Click Audits Entail?

A Dennor Digital no obligation Pay Per Click advertising audit is a great way to check that your current Pay Per Click advertising activities are at optimum performance.  Our free audits are also of use if you are contemplating Pay Per Click advertising, as using data from your website combined with available analytics data we can advise on the best pay per click strategy implementation to allow for best results.
Our Pay Per Click audit will highlight areas where improvements are to be made with your Pay Per Click activities.  Or alternatively if you are just starting Pay Per Click advertising what strategies to employ for best results.  As all companies, products and industries differ along with advertising goals, we conduct our Pay Per Click audits inline with your business, with the following areas encompassed.

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Free Google Adwords and Bing Adverts

Pay Per Click Advertising Audit.

  • Audit Your Pay Per Click Advertising with Our PPC Audit
  • Network targeting, analyse the foundations of the search, display & shopping campaigns;
  • →  Account structure, are the keywords optimised for the advertising groups ?;
  • Are account Quality Scores healthy ?, review keywords;
  • Review the structure of keywords within the accounts and campaigns;
  • Are Ad Extensions being utilised ?;
  • Is account conversion tracking in place and functioning correctly ?;
  • Is remarketing activity incorporated into the campaigns ?
Pay Per Click Marketing Audit
Pay Per Click Audit
Segmentation Analysis
Using data within your Google Adwords / Bing Adverts or Google Analytics account opportunities for improving advertisement performance can be found.
Day / Hour Performance - analysis of the time adverts perform the best.
Impression Share & Conversion Rate - identification of when adverts are being seen the most and the effect on advertising conversion rates.
Bid Modifiers - are campaigns optimised for devices, geographic location, ad scheduling, targeting methods, etc.
Landing Page Analysis  - analysis of the landing pages seen as a result of clicking an advert and their relevancy.
Is The Account Heading In The Right Direction
Reviewing and comparing campaign figures over a period of time such as the last 30 days or the last 3 months will produce quantitative data that gives an insight into the success of the campaigns.
  • Budget Analysis - is the accounts budget optimised and delivering a Return On Investment .
  • Bidding Strategy - are the correct bids being assigned to the keywords or adverts.
  • Advert Ranking - audit where adverts are appearing within search engine listings.
  • Conversion Rate - analysis of conversion rates and the cost per conversion.
  • Search Impression Share - are adverts being served compared to competitiors.
PPC Audit

Our Google Adwords & Bing Adverts Pay Per Click Search, Display and Shopping Advertising Audit is Completely Free with No Obligation.

A Dennor Digital PPC audit conducted by our experts will provide a clear analysis of your pay per click advertising success and how it can be optimised.
The audit will produce a written report that we will provide to you along with our recommendations for improvements that could be made.

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